Dual Occupancy Home Builders in Melbourne

Want a dream home and an investment property? We at Indulge Homes can build quality dual occupancy homes.

Our dual occupancy designs are homes that comprise two integrated living areas. Whether you are investors or have extended families wanting to supplement their income, dual occupancy homes are the ultimate choice.

Specializing in all areas of the construction, Indulge Homes and the team of dual occupancy builders in Melbourne assure you to complete projects with a timeframe.

Why Build A Dual Occupancy

Are you ready to make a smart investment? Considering the Melbourne land value and building two homes on your land is the smart tactic for property investment. A dual occupancy or any duplex project is the perfect long-term investment as you can sell one or both homes to make a profit.

Whether you are an investor wanting to get the highest capital or a trusted family wanting to invest together, a luxurious and stylish designed dual occupancy will ensure the maximum financial potential of your property.

Benefits of Dual Occupancy Homes

  • Additional rental income
  • Tax benefits
  • Maximize your property value
  • Minimises income risk
  • Fulfils second property need

Our Unique Dual Occupancy Home Designs

Having more than 15 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our commitment to building you the perfect dual occupancy homes. Our reliable design options for dual occupancy includes:

  • Two dwellings, side by side that share a common wall which is known as a duplex
  • One dwelling at the front and another at the rear of a property
  • Two detached dwellings block by a corner block with separate tiles and street frontages

With the help of our dual occupancy designs, you can maximize your floor space when property space is limited. Indulge Homes can make a design and layout to suit your specific site and requirements.

What can you do with a dual occupancy home design?

  • If the construction is done on separate tiles then you can live in one house and sell the other
  • If you are living in an area where rent supply is low, then to increase your potential income live in one house and rent the other
  • If the housing stock is low and demand is high in your area, then you can sell both houses

Reliable Dual Occupancy Building Process

Your land size is the first concern you should have. Once the information is collected the next person to contact is your architect.

An architect can create a concept based on dwelling size, building height, open size requirements, vehicle access and more. If there is enough development opportunity, then it is essential to understand which location is best suitable for your development goals. Whether you are building dual occupancy for the first time or looking for renovating it, we offer a range of tailored services.

We can provide a complete development package that includes from concept design to completion of the build. From the initial site feasibility analysis, conceptual design and town planning approvals through to a complete design and construct project we will provide a development program to meet your needs.

Why Choose Indulge Homes?

We are your definite professional helping you throughout the process, from design, construction toa quality finish. Whether your land is vacant or has an existing home on it our experienced team of builders will manage the entire process. Narrow block, a corner block or a block with a slope, whatever block you have we at indulge homes can help you capitalize on your property.

Hence, in order to explore various dual occupancy options, contact us at 0425 782 261 and create your dual occupancy home to make a smart investment.